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Peace Of Mind

At Fair Price Blinds, we pride ourselves on being a company that can provide genuine peace of mind for customers who have our made-to-measure blinds installed in their windows. Here are our six reasons why:


The quality of our products

Fair Price Blinds benefits from blinds that are manufactured in UK which means the quality of our blind products is unparalleled.


Genuine guarantees

Following on from the above point, ALL of our products are backed by genuine manufacturer guarantees. This gives Fair Price Blinds complete confidence in all the products we sell. If we won’t put it into our own house, we won’t sell it to you. It is as simple as that.


Expert advice

All Fair Price Blinds consultants are experts in providing advice on the right blind for any room in any home, based on years of experience and knowing the product range inside out.


Installed by Professionals

The teams that install Fair Price Blinds products are amongst the most skilled professionals in the UK in fitting window blinds. As well as relying on years of experience, they regularly attend training courses to keep their skills honed to perfection. They will always be courteous, carry out their installation ensuring that it meets our highest standards and clean up after themselves. All of our blinds are calibrated at point of installation and we use a special lubricant to ensure that they perform at their best for years to come.


Fair Price Blinds Franchisees

Fair Price Blinds is a network of franchisees, and each franchisee has made a significant investment to become part of the team and the Fair Price Blinds brand. Our franchisees operate their own Fair Price Blinds business. Therefore, all our franchisees have complete vested interests in making sure they deliver excellent customer service and install quality products right first time. After all, their livelihoods depend on it!


Here today and tomorrow

We make our blinds built to last for years to come. That’s why our focus is in producing a range of quality blinds, lovingly made in the UK and fitted by a professional installer with years of experience. We have established great reputation in the local areas for quality of products. That’s why we get many referrals from satisfied customers. Not all blind companies can say that.

We offer free measuring and free fitting on all our Fair Price Blinds Collection. We cover whole of Yorkshire: